Garlic Prawn Casserole

Grilled prawns by units

Potato and tuna salad

Iberiam ham croquettes with peppermint alioli

Fried eggs with potatoes and iberian ham

Bread with salmorejo and iberian ham

Bread with smoked salmon and pesto sauce

Spicy potatoes

Scrambled eggs with cod

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and shrimps


Homemade salad

Caesar salad

Sautéed Vegetables

Mushrooms with iberian ham

Spinach with chickpeas

Vegetable pie with Pomodoro sauce

Grilled peppers with tuna



Cold cuts

Iberian chorizo

Iberian ham

Iberian pork loin

Aged cheese

Iberian sausage

Iberian cold cut assortment


Fried fish assortment

Marinated dogfish

Fried anchovies

Fried squid

Grilled sea bream

Grilled tuna


Pork cheeks with almond sauce

Andalusian style bull tail stew

Pork tenderloin with Rio Viejo sauce

Grilled chicken breast

Veal entrecote

Crunchy chicken fingers with honey and mustard sauce


Seafood and fish paella

Seafood paella

Mixed paella

Fish paella

Vegetables paella

Black rice with fish, shrimp and alioli

Artisanal desserts

Three Chocolate Cake

Raspberry Panna Cotta with

 raspberry coulis

Grandma's custard

Milk pudding

Egg pudding with nuts and caramel


Ice cream (chocolate or vanilla)

Seasonal fruit


You can ask us for any information on allergens.

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